Tip-Based Travel Consultancy

travel consultancy
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Get in touch.

First, get in touch by taking the vacation interest questionnaire. This will tell me a little bit more about how you like to travel.

Your custom travel list.

After reviewing your responses to the questionnaire, I’ll prepare a list of:

  • Flight options
  • Hotel options
  • Things to do
  • Transportation/attraction passes
  • Tourist packages
  • A local event calendar
  • Travel insurance options

. . . And other things that will be helpful on your trip based on your questionnaire.

You pick your favorite parts.

You send back which of the activities on the list sound most fun to you.

All-inclusive travel itinerary.

Then, I’ll create an itinerary based on proximity/weather so you can maximize your time and budget on the trip without the stress.

Plus, important info like:

  • Packing list suggestions
  • Local phone numbers
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Budget projections
  • How to use your cell phone abroad
  • Passport and visa information
  • International airport information
  • Documents you might need
  • Links to recommended bookings
  • General information/guide to your destination
  • Safety warnings
  • Weather forecast for your vacation period
  • Other information you may request!

. . . All accessible on your phone, on-the-go. **

Reminder: This is a free service and, as I will not make bookings for you, it remains completely flexible and at your discretion. After all, a flexible travel itinerary is the only true way to get the full experience of traveling as it happens.

** You must download the free Notion app either on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to access your customized itinerary.

Contact me anytime.

I answer emails daily and it is my preferred way to communicate.

In addition, you will have my phone number. I’m always available for messages and calls so you can get urgent questions and concerns answered in a hurry.

Click the button and fill out the questionnaire below!

*** My travel planning service will always remain free, however, I do rely on tips to keep the business going.

Usually, clients will determine the amount to tip based on how often they followed the custom itinerary and information provided to them and how much time and stress my service saved them. ***