75 Travel Quotes for Inspiration

1. “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

2. “We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment.” — Hilaire Belloc

3. “I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.” ― Melody Truong

4. “This wasn’t a strange place; it was a new one.” – Paulo Coelho

5. “If we were meant to stay in one place, we’d have roots instead of feet” – Rachel Wolchin

6. “Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.” – Michael Palin

7. “Wanderlust: n. a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world”

8. “We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost.” – Ray Bradbury

9.  “People don’t take trips, trips take people.” – John Steinbeck

10. “I travel because it makes me realize how much I haven’t seen, how much I’m not going to see, and how much I still need to see.” – Carew Papritz

11. “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.” – John A. Shedd

12. “Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul.” – Jamie Lyn Beatty Thi

13. “It feels good to be lost in the right direction” – Anonymous

14. “Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.” – Terry Pratchett

15. “Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”― David Mitchell

16. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

17. “Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to live it?” – Caroline Myss

18. “Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret.” – Oscar Wilde

19. “I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on earth, then I ask myself the same question.” –Harun Yahya

20. “Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.” –Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

21. “Never go too long without watching a sunset.” – Atticus

22. “The best view comes after the hardest climb.” – Anonymous

23. “If you want to go somewhere you like but no one else wants to, go by yourself. You’ll meet people with similar interests as you.” – Anonymous

24. “Quit your job, buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love, never return.” – Anonymous

25. “I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine.” – Caskie Stinnett

26. “Travel is only glamorous in retrospect.” – Paul Theroux

27. “Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends” – Maya Angelou

28. “Adventure is a path. Real adventure, self-determined, self-motivated, often risky, forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world” – Mark Jenkins

29. “The pleasure we derive from journeys is perhaps dependent more on the mindset with which we travel than on the destination we travel to” – Alain de Botton

30. “A person susceptible to “wanderlust” is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation.”  – Pico Iyer

31. “Travel doesn’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind” – Marty Rubin

32. “It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau

33. “We wander for distraction but we travel for fulfillment.” – Hilaire Belloc

34. “Traveling’s not something you’re good at. It’s something you do. Like breathing.” – Gayle Foreman

35. “But that’s the glory of foreign travel, as far as I am concerned. I don’t want to know what people are talking about. I can’t think of anything that excites a greater sense of childlike wonder than to be in a country where you are ignorant of almost everything. Suddenly you are five years old again. You can’t read anything, you have only the most rudimentary sense of how things work, you can’t even reliably cross a street without endangering your life. Your whole existence becomes a series of interesting guesses.” – Bill Bryson

36. “I travel light. I think the most important thing is to be in a good mood and enjoy life, wherever you are. Travel is a new experience that can transport you out of your everyday routine to create memories with the ones you love.” – Benjamin Disraeli

37. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” – Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)

38. “Don’t ask for security, ask for adventure. Better to live 30 years full of adventure than a 100 years safe.” – Jim Rohn

39. “Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.” – Charles M. Schulz

40. “Add life to your days, not days to your life.” – Anonymous

41. “The potential for adventure makes life worth living.” – Vicki Garside

42. “The biggest hindrance to learning is fear of showing one’s self a fool.” – William Least-Heat Moon

43. “No place, in theory, is boring of itself. Boredom lies only with the traveler’s limited perception and his failure to explore deeply enough.” – William Least-Heat Moon

44. “Nothing breaks down suspicion about a stranger better than curiosity.” – William Least-Heat Moon

45. “I’m all through playing the American. Now, I’m going to live a good, quiet life.” – Jack Kerouac

46. “…no matter where I live, my trunk’s always sticking out from under the bed. I’m ready to leave or get thrown out.” – Jack Kerouac

47. “Can’t describe what my life is like when she asks about it.” – Drake

48. “I realized that if I really intended to do something spectacular with my life I was going to have to put in the legwork myself and stop expecting people to pitch up and do it for me.” – Jess de Boer

49. “I will always remember thinking that this is a moment we will never forget.” – Anonymous street art, Lyon, France

50. “Everybody’s just a stranger but that’s the danger in going my own way.” – John Mayer

51. “I know I’m gonna be alone, I know I’m out on my own. I just gotta hit the road, I just gotta know the road.” – Drake

52. “Of all things I am not very good at, living in the real world is perhaps the most outstanding.” – Bill Bryson

53. “All I wanted to do was sneak out into the night and disappear somewhere, and go and find out what everybody was doing all over the country.” – Jack Kerouac

54. “The road must eventually lead to the whole world. Ain’t no where else it can go – right?” – Jack Kerouac

55. “The whole world opened up before me because I had no dreams.” – Jack Kerouac

56. “I see a vision of a great rucksack revolution thousands or even millions of young Americans wandering around with rucksacks.” – Jack Kerouac

57. “I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted.” – Jack Kerouac

58. “Those at the end of their journeys embraced ours.” – Franz Wisner

59. “He also had the confidence and experience of the road.” – Franz Wisner

60. “They say your life doesn’t matter until you do something for someone else that they can never repay you for.” – Lily Dubuc

61. “The edge of nowhere is such a beautiful place.” – The Wombats

62. “We’ll never be as young as we are now.” – Saint Raymond

63. “Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinions.” – Jack Kerouac

64. “In Epicurean philosophy, the highest goal in life is pleasure.” FUN FACT

65. “You’re never going to be here long enough. . .” – Anonymous

66. “It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” – Paulo Coelho

67. “You’re an expatriate. You’ve lost touch with the soil. You get precious. Fake European standards have ruined you. You drink yourself to death. You become obsessed by sex. You spend all your time talking, not working. You are an expatriate, see? You hang around cafes.” – Ernest Hemingway

68. “But over the years, I’ve learned to fall in love with the chaos.” – Chris Oldfield

69. “Just like they do in the Mediterranean, spin you around me again and again.” – Ed Sheeran

70. “Some travel is more of a nuisance than a hardship, but travel is always a mental challenge, and even at its most difficult, travel can be an enlightenment.” – Paul Theroux

71. “You go away for a long time and return a different person – you never come all the way back.” – Paul Theroux

72. “It is almost axiomatic that as soon as a place gets a reputation for being paradise it goes to hell.” – Paul Theroux

73. “When strangers ask me where I was going I often replied, ‘Nowhere.’ Vagueness can become habit, and travel a form of idleness.” – Paul Theroux

74. “Travel holds the magical possibility of reinvention: that you might find a place you love, to begin a new life and never go home.” – Paul Theroux

75. “In the best travel, disconnection is a necessity. Concentrate on where you are; do no back-home business; take no assignments; remain incommunicado; be scarce. It is a good thing that people don’t know where you are or how to find you. Keep in mind the country you are in. That’s the theory.” – Paul Theroux